Guess what? Today’s the 20th Anniversary of one of my favourite heroes of all time, Hellboy!
Here’s a piece of art I made for the occasion before heading out for the day. Have a great weekend everyone!

Guess what? Today’s the 20th Anniversary of one of my favourite heroes of all time, Hellboy!

Here’s a piece of art I made for the occasion before heading out for the day. Have a great weekend everyone!


I’m definitely very late to jump on this bandwagon, but here’s my Witchsona!

If I could I’d be summoning cute ghosties to do my bidding while travelling the globe in search for books. (That amorphous cloud I’m sitting on is my familiar because I couldn’t decide on the form that it should take. Doubles up as living quarters/library because it has unlimited space within).

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Hello everyone, especially to new followers! It feels like ages since I’ve posted anything new here… Most of my November and December was spent slowly working on stuff for Comic Fiesta and to be honest I think I got a little lazy… /hangs head in shame

Above are two of my favourite panels from a comic I drew for one of my favourite series of all time, Honey and Clover! I managed to put out a fanbook for it for Comic Fiesta this year with the help of a few friends despite some major setbacks (namely my laptop completely dying on me), so I must say that I was very glad that it came to fruition!

Today’s the last day of 2013 and looking back at this year, I’m a little disappointed that I only managed to make two ‘long format’ comic stories, both of which are derivative works. Having said that, I promise to be more productive in 2014 (I’m already working on a few things, so stay tuned)! 

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Comic Fiesta 2013 Convention Report!

Phew!!! Finally uploaded,

Sharing this Comic Fiesta 2013 Con Report by my friend, Stephani!

Comic Fiesta 2013 ended last weekend and as usual, it was a great event! I really enjoyed myself and I’m glad I got the chance to meet with Stephani and many other friends, new and old.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who dropped by my booth to buy books or just to say hi!

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Day 1082 - 18  November 2013

with a dash of positivity


I don’t usually reblog stuff to this blog, but this is beautiful, and we all could use the reminder. 

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Eep, the last day of Inktober has come upon us and I’ve not caught up with my postings yet! Ho hum.

I did this piece based on this quote I saw on my tumblr dash for Inktober. I originally wanted to keep it in black and white for the contrast, but I decided to meddle around with it a bit in Photoshop and I hope the result is still palatable.


An extra Inktober update that required extremely little effort. These are the kind of jokes I have to deal with on a daily basis with my friends.


Sherlin: ‘That sure was a tough battle huh?’

Nick: ‘Not as tough as this bread!’


Inktober OC Fanart time again! Here are Saph’s characters Nick and Sherlin from Treasure Hunt. I’ve never really drawn fanart of them before even after all these years (sorry Saph), so making up for lost time!

Since they’re almost always fighting some sort of battle when they appear, I thought it’d be nice to capture a rare quiet moment between the two of them.

Finding reference images for them were a pain, and I ended up settling for a compromise of their costume designs between this and this. Man, all that work I put into this fanart, someone should reward me with 20 years worth of meat!

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Practicing inking with my parallel pen, which I have been gifted with at the start of the year.

I tried to play around with line weight but I still need loads of practice! The picture of the robot was done with a blue lead outline while the other one was done straight with ink.

I’m starting to feel that Inktober is a great excuse for experimenting with some tools I have lying around for ages but never got around to trying out.

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I’ve been missing out on more Inktober updates, so here’s two at one go, featuring the same character I started off Inktober with. Let’s just call her Toadstool Girl for now.